Great Math Centers - Addition and Subtraction Board Games!

Friday, July 24, 2015
I am a strong believer that students learn through exploration, opportunity to make sense of things on their own, centers, activities, interactive notebooks, games, etc. The past few years teaching double digit addition and subtraction skills have been tough, but after being trained in AddVantage Math Recovery, I have a whole new outlook! I absolutely LOVE teaching math and my students get it! Not only have I changed my thinking about math, but I have also transitioned into Math Workshop and it has made the world of difference.

I decided to create a great game that kiddos can use during math centers to help them practice double/triple digit addition and subtraction skills. These games are differentiated, so students can practice regrouping and borrowing, but not if they're not ready yet.

The game works very similar to Candy Land. Students choose a card from the pile. They have to complete the math problem correctly before moving to that color on the board game. The first to get to the end wins!

I have also included an answer key for students to help keep each other accountable and check their own answers.

Here are the differentiated cards. The star cards do not regroup or borrow, while the triangle cards do. Teachers or students can choose which cards are played or all of them can be played.

Check out the game HERE in my TpT store! You can buy them individually or bundled together for a cheaper price!



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