Growth Mindset Behavior Chart

Sunday, July 5, 2015
Reading Carol Dweck's Mindset: The New Psychology of Success has improved my teaching drastically! The way I talk to my students and the language I use while teaching focuses on growth mindset - the idea that a person can continually grow and learn. I found that so many of my students were in a fixed mindset. They were saying phrases like "I'm bad at that" or "I can't do that". Instilling growth mindset has changed the way we do school! It's super exciting and I highly recommend checking it out!

In the transition to using growth mindset language in my classroom, I realized my classroom management was not aligning. I used the typical clip-up/clip-down chart with the different colors meaning different things. I changed it up by using the same concept, but changing the language.

Here is the top half of my new behavior chart (I couldn't fit it all in the picture). It has new language for students to reflect on their learning.

Phrases include:
Pink: I worked through my struggles and completed all of my work! I was a leader today!
Purple: I am acting like a learner and doing my work. I am finding challenges and will not give up!
Blue: I am taking risks in my learning and being a good citizen of the classroom!
Green: I am ready to learn! Today is a great day to make mistakes and overcome challenges.
Yellow: I need to adjust to the challenge I have and get back on track.
Orange: I am missing out on some learning that I need to complete.
Red: I am having a struggle and will need to make a plan with an adult to help me.

I have also just updated the file to include another style for teachers to choose from.

 Finally, I have included monthly behavior calendars for students to track where they ended on the chart each day. It can also be used for a classroom calendar as well. You can see that I have put some of our important dates to remember on the calendar. This is such a great opportunity for some great parent contact!

Students respond so well to this growth mindset language and it truly has made a difference in my classroom! Click HERE for the product!



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