My TpT Journey with a Kick of Inspiration

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Since beginning my TpT journey, I have had so many ups and downs. Some days I have multiple sales and am thrilled. Others I have zero sales and a million questions. Am I doing this right? Are my products good enough? Then I click through successful TpT Authors and think about what I'm doing wrong.

Then comes along an INCREDIBLE post from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd! I watched diligently last week at all the amazing posts and pictures on Instagram about #tptvegas15. While I didn't go because I feel too early in the game to be a part of that, I feel like I've learned so much from the others who were able to attend. The one that stood out to me the most was from Ashley. You can find the awesome inspirational post HERE. She includes so much advice that I am taking and flying with it.

1. OWN YOUR JOURNEY: Since the beginning, it's hard not to compare yourself to the amazing authors out there. I look at Amy Lemons, Cara Carroll, and of course, Deanna Jump. My journey is going to be much different than theirs and that's okay! I am going with it how it works best for me. Of course, I will look to these incredible bloggers and teachers as inspiration and for help, but comparing myself to them will only discourage me.

2. TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER: I will be linking up with more bloggers and teachers in the near future. It's tough putting yourself out there when you're beginning your journey, but I truly believe in collaboration. Why wouldn't I reach out to these fantastic leaders? Especially as I transition to a 5th grade in the fall after teaching 2nd grade for 5 years! AND the point of doing this is to help other teachers be better as well. I have knowledge I want to share too! I will be searching for my tribe to help me along the way and share what I have to offer!

3. MAKE A SCHEDULE/TINY TO-DO LIST: Of course I have my master list of to-dos that I keep in my little inspirational notebook from Michael's.

But I also decided to go out and get a new planner that is dedicated to my creative time and small to-do lists. It makes things much more manageable and not so overwhelming.

It's easy to be intimidated when starting, but I cannot thank everyone I've learned from so much, whether they know it or not! Being a part of Teachers Pay Teachers and the teacher blogging world has been so incredible. I'm becoming such a better teacher and love that I can share my ideas as well!

Happy TpTing!


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