Ecosystems Mentor Texts

Thursday, October 29, 2015
We are just finishing up our unit on ecosystems in 5th grade, so I wanted to share a few great mentor texts I used. These texts really talk about the effect humans have on ecosystems and the environment. Using read alouds during your science and social studies blocks is a great way to integrate your units with literature!
Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg: You can find it on Amazon here. The book tells the story of a boy who travels to different places in his dream noticing how badly humans have ruined the planet. He learns a lesson throughout the book that we need to take care of the earth or else our future will be in trouble.

A River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry: You can find it on Amazon here. This book talks about a beautiful and resourceful river the Nashua Indians used. After excessive human impact, the river became severely polluted and ruined the surrounding ecosystem. The story also tells about how people came together and chose to clean up the river to renew its resources to the surrounding community.

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry: You can find it on Amazon here. This books begins with a man going into the forest to cut down a tree. The animals of the forest try to convince him not to cut down the tree and give several reasons why.

These mentor texts have great extending lessons that can be used as well!


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