2015 to 2016: Reflection and GOALS

Thursday, December 31, 2015
I cannot believe 2015 is already coming to a close! It has been a fantastic year!!!

My Year in Review

I got married to an incredible man that supports me in all that I do! We also took an AMAZING honeymoon to Alaska - drove the ENTIRE way from Wisconsin!

I also started my Teachers Pay Teachers store and this little baby blog. I have a lot to learn as I go, but I'm so thrilled about this journey.

Finally, I transitioned from 2nd to 5th grade this year - probably one of the most amazing career changes I've made. I love, love, love these fifth graders and find myself being better because of them. I think I may have found my niche...for now :)

GOALS for 2016!

I want to build my Teachers Pay Teacher store! Since beginning my store, I changed my focus because I switched grades! I'm creating products that are more relevant to fifth grade content. With changing grades, I literally have about 25-30 started and UNFINISHED products. I'm still trying to figure out the content and make these products great! Time to finish those resources.

I would also like to build my presence on social media! I looooooove hearing from so many others on social media - Amy Lemons, Ashley Schroeder, Sheila Jane, just to name a few! I have created a little guide for me to track my followers on the various forms of social media. Check out the freebie HERE! I'm hoping this helps me focus on what is needed to build my business AND connect with other amazing teachers out there!

Last, on a more personal note - I need to get my health in check. It's been getting worse and worse throughout the years, and it's time to manage it. I started a new gym close to school, so no excuses of missing out. It's a boot camp gym with an incredible community of supporters - just what I need! I have also created a new diet plan with them! They are incredible and I'm confident this will work!

Hope everyone has time to reflect on their 2015 and get ready to rock 2016!

Happy New Years!!!


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