New World Explorer Research

Thursday, December 10, 2015
My students are diving into history and learning about how the explorers after Christopher Columbus impacted the New World. We have been working on informative writing, so research is needed first before writing! HERE I have created a research packet for students to write brief notes about the explorers.

My students used various resources to do their research - books, videos and websites. Some resources that were used online include: World Book, Pebble Go, and Brain Pop. Check with your administrator or tech integrator to see if these sites are available for your students. They're very user friendly and differentiated so students at all levels can use them with ease.

Once students had their research notes, they wrote a paragraph about each explorer. They used the information they learned and created slides in Google Slides. You can also use PowerPoint, have students create a poster or word document as well.

Finally, my students chose one explorer they researched that they wanted to display in the classroom. Students were able to discuss their work with partners in the classroom and share out their work.


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