New World Explorers: Reader's Theater

Friday, December 11, 2015
This week has been SO exciting, yet so exhausting all at the same time! We are wrapping up our unit about New World Explorers and the impact they had. I wrote up a reader's theater for my students to perform. Check it out HERE. They had such an amazing time doing this!

First, we read the reader's theater as a whole group. We discussed it and talked about the characters. Then we split up into 3 small groups (there are only 5 characters in the story and I have a smaller class, so this worked out well).

Once we assigned roles, we decided to come up with props to use!

We created the props and then practiced, practiced, practiced! The students highlighted their lines and would practice during reading, in small groups, and we practiced in front of our classmates as well.

Then it was time to perform! They did so well!!!

We had a full house in our classroom! Everyone had compliments for the actors and they were super proud of their hard work!

The students were having fun while solidifying their knowledge about the New World Explorers and their affect on North and South America! Love, love, love integrating units! :)


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