5 Reasons I DON'T Give Homework

Saturday, January 30, 2016
How do you feel about homework? When I started out teaching, I gave out homework almost every night. Throughout the years, it seemed to be less and less valuable - for my students AND for myself! Here are the reasons why:
1. Workshop Model
I teach using the workshop model. My students have a mini-lesson, guided practice, and time for independent work for math, reading and writing. Students are provided a lot of opportunities to practice skills in small groups and in centers as well. Because of this, they are getting a lot of content in very meaningful settings. I am also there to help and support them through any struggles within the classroom.

2. We Teach Different Than We Were Taught
Think about how we learned different math strategies. They are so different than how we teach. We look at text-dependent questions when teaching reading instruction and several teachers integrate their content. When talking with parents, they get frustrated trying to teach their students using strategies they learned years ago. Students respond, "It's not how my teacher taught me." Yet, they still struggle through homework and no one can help them.

3. Less Grading
We are all SO BUSY all the time! When I did assign homework, it was pushed aside to be graded later. We all know what that huge pile of ungraded papers looks like...not fun. In all honesty, sometimes I wouldn't even waste my time and recycle them since the pile was getting so stacked up and outdated. #realtalk #notproudfoit

4. Is Your Homework Meaningful?
If the homework you assign is meaningful, inquiry based and requires deeper level thinking, then by all means, go for it! So often we give worksheets. Kids won't remember what was on their worksheet years later. Heck, they won't remember a week later. It's a procedure and they just go through the motions. There are few assignments that can be given that are meaningful, plus simple to create/find and easy to grade.

5. Resources For Students
All schools have a different population of students. Even within that population, students have different resources they're accessible to at home. In years past, some of my students have come up to me saying they didn't have their homework finished because they didn't have a writing utensil at home (in these cases, I know it was true). So why would I assign a homework assignment that in theory is amazing, but realistically students can't participate in without appropriate materials?

Here are my thoughts! Don't we want our students creating meaningful connections outside of school, such as free play, interacting with others, enjoying extracurriculars? Let me know what you think!


  1. Good for you! I hear you about parents teaching students the math strategies they learned! I totally agree and do the same in my 5th grader classroom. My first year of teaching I gave out homework because that is what the other intermediate teachers are doing. I soon decreased the amount I have and eventually stopped because I wasn't using it effectively and it was not enhancing/defining my instruction. @leadershipin5th (instagram) leadershipin5th.blogspot.com


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