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Friday, January 8, 2016
New grade level = new classroom = NEW BOOKS!

I dove into my new classroom over the summer and frantically organized the MASSIVE amounts of books before the students came for the school year. There were so many books that I had never read or heard of and some were really worn out and old. Either way, I kept them to see what these 5th graders would be interested in.

Unfortunately, so many of the books went untouched. I tried to do book talks and read some myself to get students into the classroom library, but they kept going back to the popular titles and authors: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Magic Tree House, Stink.

The library was overwhelming me and because I love Scholastic so much (and they have such great deals), I was adding these great titles and new books to the library without taking any out.

What was my solution????

Give the books away!

I went through the entire classroom library and took out books that I knew students were either not using, or didn't find interesting. Then I put them around the classroom and let students choose their books.

I made sure there wasn't any chaos going on, so I made various rounds and picked popsicle sticks for students to come up and choose books to take home. The more books students have at home, the better!


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