10 Genius Hour Projects

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Genius Hour was such a hit in the classroom! Student engagement was at an all-time high! The only problem - getting my students started! I had to get them to wrap their heads around what they COULD do, not had to do - a very tricky concept for some students. Here are a couple ideas to help you and your students get started!
1. Give students the opportunity to create a craft! Two of my students took this route and I already had the materials in my closet!
2. Let students cook a meal! I brought a crockpot into the classroom and we all got a taste it was delicious! I had another student back a Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!
3. Another student put together a gum ball machine. It was tricky, but he worked it out!
4. A student went down to the workroom with our amazing para and learned how to use the binding machine. (I don't even know how to use it!) She had a great time and showed us all how to use it after she was finished.
5. Two students worked together to create a character from their favorite video game. They have been carrying it around ever since!
6. A student built a volcano! She spent so much time on it and after she was finished, we went outside to watch it erupt!
7. A girl in my classroom taught herself how to fold origami. All the kids were hooked and wanted her to teach them.
8. A boy in my classroom loves to build things. Here he built a boat that would float when placed in water.
9. Puppies! How could I say no?!? This kiddo brought in his new puppy and wrote up a whole presentation about how to take care of his puppy.
10. Another student built a sculpture of a character he enjoys. He spent so much time perfecting the details!
Each of these ideas were student led and we asked for resources around the building to help them! I hope these ideas help you and your students get started!

Check out my Genius Hour product HERE to get you started! The blog post describing it all is HERE! :)


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