5 Ideas for Morning Meeting

Monday, May 16, 2016
Morning Meeting is my favorite part of the day! I get to connect with students, gauge their emotions coming into school and set the tone for the day! Each day is different! Here are a few ideas for you.

Read Aloud: Read a couple chapters a day or bring in a text about community building. Some great texts include Fish in a Tree, Wonder or Rules. Currently, my kiddos are hooked on the I Survived series, so we are working our way through those texts!

Writing Prompt: Give students a prompt and let them write for 10 minutes without stopping. Students then can share out with partners and with the whole group. Check out some writing prompts HERE. I also purchased the Would You Rather Cards HERE.

Picture Prompt: Give students a picture and have them write for 10 minutes without stopping. Again, they can discuss with partners and as a whole group.

Discussion: Give students a sentence frame or a topic to discuss. Allow them to discuss with a partner and then bring it back whole group to share out. A couple examples might be how their weekend went, what their favorite thing about school might be, etc.

Inspirational Video: Show them a video that can truly inspire them. Kid President is an amazing resource to get started! Have students discuss or they could write about it as well before sharing out whole group.

Morning Meeting is also a great time to update students on any upcoming events, reminders, schedule changes or announcements!

What does your Morning Meeting look like?


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