Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Graduation was a hit! My classroom was packed full of parents, smiles, enthusiasm and positivity! I cannot believe how fast this year flew by.

I started off graduation by giving students fun awards that described their personalities. I would give little hints about who would get each award and the students would guess! This part was so much fun! The kids were laughing, as were the parents! I found these AMAZING awards with a ton of variety from Teaching with a Mountain View on TpT. Find the awards HERE.

After the awards, I made sure to get my principal in to say a few words. She read an excerpt from a book and talked with my students about how proud we all are of them.

I also made a slideshow of the students throughout the year. I made it about 12 minutes long and put 3 songs to the background (Good Feeling, Say Hey (I Love You) and Can't Stop the Feeling). So many parents asked for the copy afterward!

To wrap everything up, I let the students and parents mingle by enjoying the ice cream sundae bar and taking pictures to the backdrop shown below. These kiddos will graduate high school in 2023, so that's what I put on the backdrop.

I also put out graduation hats that I had from high school and college if the students wanted to use them.

Graduation was a success! I am so proud of these kiddos and all the growth they have made this year. I am confident they will do some amazing things once they get to middle school next year.

Year 6 of teaching is a wrap!


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