WONDER: Visualizing Strategy

Thursday, October 13, 2016
As students start reading chapter books, using the visualizing strategy becomes more and more important! Students need to be able to see in their minds what the author is trying to portray. I did a quick visualizing lesson with my students using Wonder, which might be my absolute FAVORITE book ever!
The part of the book we focused on is from Via's point of view. In her section, she gives a detailed description of what Auggie looks like. The chapter is titled "August Through the Peephole".
 I started by explaining what visualizing was to the students. By 5th grade, they should know this strategy well, so this portion was quick. I told them as I read to visualize what Auggie looks like in their minds. Next, I told them that I would reread the same pages, but this time they would be drawing that picture on a blank paper.
Students did a really great job with this task. They were able to take what was in their mind and put it down on paper like their picture books do. 
How do you teach visualizing strategies to upper elementary kiddos?


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