EASY Classroom Curtains!

Sunday, January 15, 2017
I moved to a new school this year, which means a new classroom to design! It's January and I still haven't made it just the way I would like, but it's a work in progress!

I really love my new classroom, but I wanted to update the cabinet storage (which is amazing because it goes along a whole wall). The doors were kind of annoying to open and close and were all nicked up, so they weren't very nice to look at.

I wanted all the items in the cabinets to be easier to access for my students (and myself), so I decided to put curtains on them instead. I searched for a looooong time trying to find the perfect curtains that I liked and also fit well. I couldn't find them anywhere, so DIY curtains were the next option. Side note: I am NOT crafty. Therefore, this needed to be an easy project and it was!

Tie curtains are definitely the way to go! All you need is fabric, a scissors and tension rods! I picked up the $5 rods at Walmart and the fabric from Hobby Lobby was about $60 for all 6 cabinets.

Here is a QUICK how to!

1. Measure your cabinets! My cabinets are 22 inches tall by 37 inches wide. I used a yard and a half for the width and then double for the height because you will be wrapping it around the rod to tie, so my fabric was 44 inches long.

2. Fold the fabric in half by the height. My fabric was now a yard and a half by 22 inches. Cut the fabric into 1 inch strips. I wasn't worried about being super neat and straight - you don't notice when they're all together anyway.
3. Wrap the strip around the rod and tie. Repeat until the curtain is complete.
Easy, right? Give it a try! I love them!


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