EASY Classroom Curtains!

Sunday, January 15, 2017
I moved to a new school this year, which means a new classroom to design! It's January and I still haven't made it just the way I would like, but it's a work in progress -- it always takes me a good school year to get a new classroom set just the way I like it...anyone else?

Anyway, I love my new classroom - I have some really great features that work well for my style and my students. However, the building is quite old and dated, so I needed to make some adjustments. I have these great cabinets for storage that span an entire wall, but boy, are they UUUUGGGLLLYYYY. The cabinet doors were all nicked up and were SUCH a pain to open and close. You would think they slide open easily...they don't.

 They are OLD and I would get so frustrated trying to get ANYTHING out of them...so I took the doors off.

It was really easy to access all my items and for students too if they needed, but I also hated seeing all my storage, so I started looking into curtains. I searched for HOURS trying to find the perfect curtains of the perfect length and just couldn't drop the cash needed for 6 of these. So I did some research for some DIY curtains. Side note: I am NOT crafty. I do not sew or anything of the like. I also need easy because I am not the most patient person.

I found some great options and decided on tie curtains. SUPER EASY and not too expensive. All I needed was fabric and tension rods. I had a couple tension rods laying around my house, so I just picked up some $5 rods at Walmart. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and snagged some fabric on sale. For all 6 cabinets, it cost me about $60. I didn't think that was too bad considering I LOVE them and will be keeping them for years to come.

Okay, here's a QUICK how to!

1. Measure your cabinets to make sure you have the correct lengths when fabric shopping. My cabinets were 22 inches tall by 37 inches wide. I decided on a yard and a half for the width and then I needed to double the height because you will be wrapping it around the rod to tie, so my fabric had a height of 44 inches.

2. Fold the fabric in half by the height. My fabric was now a yard in a half by 22 inches. Cut the fabric into 1 inch strips. I wasn't worried about being super neat and straight - you don't notice when they're all together anyway.

3. Wrap the strip around the rod and tie. Repeat until the curtain is complete.

Easy, right??? Check out the finished product!

All 6 curtains took about 2 hours. Once I got rolling, it went by quick and was fun to see the progress. I love them!


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