Classroom Inspirational Words

Monday, February 6, 2017
I entered a new classroom this year and I knew I had to spruce it up. I love bright colors and have a pretty ugly brick wall with little character. I knew I wanted to put something inspirational on that wall. Here is what I did!

It was SUPER easy! I typed one letter to a page on a PowerPoint slide. I printed the letters on the specific colored paper I wanted. Then I laminated the pages and cut them out! Make sure you have enough colored card stock or paper per the word you want.

A little tip: for the inside of the closed letters (o, p, r, etc.), I used a utility knife on a hard surface so the letters wouldn't be bent.

If you want these words for FREE, grab them HERE!


  1. Love this! What font are you using? And what size letters (if you know, I know this is an old post!) I'd love to add a few other words to align with our social studies/community building work and to fill an awkward and unattractive wall in my classroom.

    1. Hi Joanna! I can't remember the size of the font, but it is MTF Jumpin Jack that you can find on!


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