Genre Pic Collages

Sunday, December 3, 2017
Bringing technology into your lessons is a great way to build engagement! My students were learning about genres of fiction, so I chose to show them how to use the Pic Collage app for our content. Pic Collage is a great tool to use to quickly show learning. Pic Collage Kids is our go-to option though - filtered ads, but does cost money!
Each student was given a genre on a card. It was a secret and they were to keep it to themselves. Then each student had to find 4-5 pictures to put into a collage that represented their genre. Students could take pictures around the classroom, pull from the internet, etc. However my rules were NO words and NO book covers! You can see an example of fantasy in the image above.

After they submitted their collages to me, I displayed them on the board and we all guessed each other's genre. They had a lot of fun and came up with some great ideas!

Pic Collage Kids is a great app to use in any content area! I encourage you to try it with kids. They love it, plus it's an added quick assessment tool you can use to see if students understand the content you're teaching!


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